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testing categories and what it includes

Opinion Based Checks - $90
  • User Experience Checks (UX)
  • User Interface Checks (UI)
  • Video/Audio of web professional exploring your site (up to 20 minutes)
  • Written summary
Evidence Based Checks - $75
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) *
  • Form Validation Checks **
  • Proper HTTP Domain Redirection ****
  • Proper use of 404 page
Search Engine Ranking - $55
  • Page Ranking ***
  • Back-links to your website
  • Google Unsafe Content Check
  • Mobile Friendly Check
  • Homepage Load Time ****
Code Review **** - $55
  • Check tags within HEAD section
  • HTML Validation Check
  • CSS Validation Check
  • Structured Data Check
  • Sitemap Check
  • Robots.txt Check
  • Favicon Check
  • iOS Home Screen Icon Check
Personal One on One Consultation - $125
  • Phone Consultation to discuss the report results (up to 1 hour)
Get ALL Checks (10% discount) - $360
  • Includes all of the above checks


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Opinion Based Checks will cover the homepage of your website, and pages/sections of your website we determine to be most pertinent (up to 20 pages)

* SEO in general can include hundreds of different topics. We include the SEO results we feel will most impact your website functionality and search results.

** Form validation checks are performed on login, registration, forgot my password and contact pages only.

*** Different pages on your website can rank differently depending on what keyword is searched for. We test your website home page with up to 5 top keywords or key phrases.

**** These checks are for the homepage of your website only

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